Happiness T-shirt by Earth Creations

Brand: Earth Creations

Attributes: Non-toxic, Organic

Description: This scoop-necked T-Shirt has a playful typography on the words ‘peace’, ‘love’ and ‘happiness’.

This ladies tee is made from hemp and organic cotton dyed with clay and low-impact dye, and comes in three different sizes.

Earth Creations is a US eco fashion clothing brand that combines clay dyeing with organic and sustainable fibers.

Earth Creations’s products are distributed by BGO Online Shop. You can buy from their online store.

The product is awarded a Green Rating of 4 stars based on 8 points in the following 5 criteria (updated on 11 June 2012):

Business Sustainability

2. Does the company have a sustainability policy or publish a sustainability report?

The company embraces sustainability through the use of sustainably grown hemp and organic cotton, and using natural clay and eco-friendly dyes.

Energy and Climate Change

11. Has the company taken steps towards reducing its energy consumption, carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas emissions?

To lower its carbon footprint, the company produces most of its clothing in rural Alabama, and the clothes do not need to be transported long distances out of the US.

Materials and Waste

16. Is the product grown in a sustainable manner?

The material used for this shirt is hemp and organic cotton, which is grown without using pesticides. The company also requires certification from their suppliers to ensure that the fabrics are sustainably grown. Please find details here.

Chemicals and Health

23. Does the product or service use natural ingredients or use no harmful chemicals?

The product uses hemp and organic cotton for its fabric, and natural clay and eco-friendly dyes. The eco-friendly dyeing process uses only natural and biodegradable materials.

25. Has the company taken steps to reduce the chemicals used in the product or service?

Besides using organic cotton and natural clay dyes, the company also uses low-impact, eco-friendly dyes in agreement with organic standards for other colours.

Social and Ethical

27. Does the company have a corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy?

The company embraces social responsibility through the use of sustainably grown hemp and organic cotton, using natural clay and eco-friendly dyes, and strongly supporting fair trade and sweatshop-free practices.

In addition, the company donates their irregular and overstock garments to organisations that help the needy in the US and around the world, and also donates clothes to organisations helping to protect the environment.

29. Does the company have a no child labour or non-discrimination policy?

The company strongly supports fair trade and sweatshop-free practices. In addition, for the company’s basic T-shirt styles, they work with a plant that is World Wide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified. The WRAP certification requires the plant to follow requirements such as prohibiting child labour and discrimination.

30. Are the company employees involved in community activities or volunteering their time to help the community or the environment?

The employees are involved in community activities, such as donating shirts to raise funds or sponsor an event, and helping out with craft and clay dying workshops.

“At first, I thought that the comparably thick material might not be suitable to be worn in Singapore. How wrong I was! I wore this all day and was never trapped in heat. I also love the cutting of the t-shirt that is different from any others. And the color is my favorite!”

Isabela Clarissa

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