Snuggly PJ’s Carrot Top by New Jammies

Green Rating - 2 stars in 2 criteria (Chemicals and Health, Social and Ethical)Snuggly PJ's Carrot Top by New Jammies

Brand: New Jammies

Attributes: Organic

Description: New Jammies Snuggly PJ’s Carrot Top is a healthy and comfortable wear for babies of 12-18 months old. With its bright and unique carrot patterns, this pajamas will bring a smile to your loved one.

Made of 100% organic cotton.

New Jammies, based in New Jersey, offers high quality products for babies and children. Their clothing range is made of organic cotton and hopes to give the healthiest choice for kids.

New Jammies products are distributed by Tinydipity, and you can buy the product by visiting their online store.

The product is awarded a Green Rating of 2 stars based on 3 points in the following 2 criteria (updated on 10 August 2012):

Chemicals and Health

23. Does the product or service use natural ingredients or use no harmful chemicals?

New Jammies Snuggly PJs are made of 100% organic cotton.

25. Has the company taken steps to reduce the chemicals used in the product or service?

The company reduces the amount of chemicals used in their products by using organic cotton.

Social and Ethical

27. Does the company have a corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy?

Besides having their products made from organic cotton, New Jammies also supports non-profit organizations which have goals of improving children’s lives. They also donate pajamas for children and charitable events.

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