BYOL Eco-Luncher Tote by BGO

Brand: BGO

Attributes: Organic, Waste Reduction

Description: Bringing your own lunch (BYOL) will no more be a hassle with this convenient tote. Made of 100% organic cotton, this tote also includes an inside pocket and a bottle sleeve insert, and its seam joints are sewn inside which give a unique smooth look. The broad base enables lots of carrying options for weekend picnics or daily lunch. After all, bringing your own lunch is healthier.

Size: L12″ x W6″ x H8″; handles are L13.5″ x W1″

Made in India.

BGO is a Singapore-based eco shop that provides organic cotton clothing and organic food, and other eco-friendly consumer products.

BYOL Eco-Luncher Tote is an exclusive product of BGO and can be bought via their website.

The product is awarded a Green Rating of 3 stars based on 7 points in the following 5 criteria (updated on 16 September 2012):

Business Sustainability

4. Has the company taken steps to implement green practices in the office or reduce the environmental impacts from its offices?

The company has implemented several green initiatives. For example, their online eco shop uses a green web host, and they print on unused side of papers and save flyers and mailers for printing and writing materials.

Energy and Climate Change

11. Has the company taken steps towards reducing its energy consumption, carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas emissions?

In addition to using only bus, MRT, and taxi only when necessary, the company also uses energy-saving electrical appliances, and its website is hosted by a green web host that purchases wind energy credits.

Materials and Waste

12. Does the product or service help to reduce, reuse or recycle waste?

This product can be used as a replacement of conventional plastic bags and to promote self-packed lunch which can help to reduce the waste of disposable packaging.

16. Is the product grown in a sustainable manner?

The product is made from organic cotton, which is grown without the use of chemical fertilisers.

19. Has the company taken steps to reduce the material and packaging used for the product, or to reduce the waste generated in the production of the product or service?

The company uses recycled boxes and packaging materials to pack items for delivery.

Chemicals and Health

23. Does the product or service use natural ingredients or use no harmful chemicals?

The product is made from 100% organic cotton, which is grown without the use of chemical fertilisers.

Social and Ethical

27. Does the company have a corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy?

The company dedicates a portion of the sales proceeds towards funding earth conservation projects and humanitarian social groups.

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