mPowerpad by Third Wave Power

mPowerpad by Third Wave Power (front)

Brand: Third Wave Power

Attributes: Energy Saving

Description: mPowerpad is an all-in-one portable solar device and provides an easy alternative solution to save energy!

By tapping on solar power, mPowerpad can charge mobile phones, tablets and cameras, and is equipped with radio, flashlight, reading light, and insect repellent.

mPowerpad by Third Wave Power (back)Compact, durable, and built to last, this device is also light enough for people who loves going to the outdoors. Also suitable for busy professionals at work or even at home in both urban and rural areas.

  • Functions: Charger, radio, reading light, flashlight and insect repellant
  • User interface: Gesture-based
  • Device rating: 15 watt hours
  • Solar charging: 6 hours under direct sunlight (charge times may be longer in cloudy weather, high temperatures or where panels are not angled towards the sun)
  • AC/DC or car adaptor charging: fast charge in 2 hours
  • Battery rating: Up to 2400 mAh capacity, NiMH, 5 x 1.2V AA, up to 500 charge cycles
  • Device charging from USB: USB output 5V up to 1A enables most devices to charge at full speed
  • Duration of reading light, flashlight, radio and insect repellant: up to 20 hours each
  • Reading light LED: 5W bulb equivalent

Here’s a short video on how to use the mPowerpad:

Third Wave Power aims to improve lives and increase productivity of people in both urban and rural environments by designing and developing innovative energy solution products which are not only affordable, but also built to last.

Price: $89

The mPowerpad is only available for delivery in Singapore, and payment is by Cash on Delivery. Delivery fee of $5 apply. Free delivery for purchase of 3 units and above!

You can place an order through the form below and we will email you the confirmation within 3 working days.

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The product is awarded a Green Rating of 3 stars based on 5 points in the following 3 criteria (updated on 21 October 2012):

Business Sustainability

2. Does the company have a sustainability policy or publish a sustainability report?

The company commits to develop renewable power solutions that last in the environments they are used in, and help to improve lives in both rural and urban areas.

Energy and Climate Change

6. Is the product or service energy efficient or helps to conserve energy or reduce carbon emissions?

This product helps to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions by converting solar energy into portable power, which can be used for various purposes.

8. Does the product or service use renewable energy?

This product is able to provide power from the conversion of solar energy.

Materials and Waste

15. Is the product grown locally or imported from a nearby country in Southeast Asia?

mPowerpad is designed in Singapore and made in Malaysia.

19. Has the company taken steps to reduce the material and packaging used for the product, or to reduce the waste generated in the production of the product or service?

The product is designed to be compact and light, and uses rechargeable NiMH batteries.

“The thought of using a device that could capture solar energy and use it to charge things like my mobile phone and also function as a reading light, flashlight, radio and ultrasonic insect repellant was all too exciting. Here was a solar device in existence in Singapore that was not only functional but also useful to the average person like me in so many ways.

With a size similar to the tablet readers, and lightweight too, the mPowerPad could fit easily into my army sling bag. Compactness is key when travelling around, and this device fitted that criteria.

To charge the mPowerpad, one can put the device under the sun for about six hours before having enough power to charge mobile phones while using the other functions for a good four hours. I, on the other hand, was to eager to try it out and charged using the main powerpoint instead. Using one of the two USB port, I managed to charge my smartphone as well.

The built-in accelerometer allowed for a gesture-based interface, meaning that to use the device, I had to tilt and turn the device to use the different functions. It took some time learning how to do this, but once I got used to it, the process was simple.

I also love it that the mPowerpad is water, dust and drop resistant, as this makes me feel more confident to bring it with me when I am in the rugged outdoors.”

Nor Lastrina Hamid

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