Dopper Water Bottle

Dopper Water Bottle

Brand: Dopper

Attributes: Waste Reduction

Description: The Dopper Water Bottle is cleverly designed with a two-part lid to double-up as a drinking cup. Produced in Holland with a net zero carbon footprint, it is also BPA-free, and is free of phthalates, PVC and other toxins.

The Dopper bottle is made from polypropylene (PP) (colored part) and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) (white part). It comes in 5 colours – Cool Blue, Apple Green, Royal Orange, Pretty Pink, and Pure White.

Capacity: 500ml
Diameter: 5.5cm / bottle
Height: 23cm / bottle

In addition, 10% of all net proceeds from the Dopper bottle sales are set aside for water projects in developing countries.

Dopper promotes the use of reusable water bottles for drinking water and the reduction of plastic waste, and supports water projects in developing countries.

You can buy the Dopper water bottles online from GreenPal Store.

The product is awarded a Green Rating of 3 stars based on 6 points in the following 5 criteria (updated on 16 Aug 2013):

Business Sustainability

2. Does the company have a sustainability policy or publish a sustainability report?

Dopper is committed to sustainability and has offset the carbon emissions from the production process with the Climate Neutral Group, and is in the process of pursuing the Cradle to Cradle certification.

Energy and Climate Change

7. Does the product or service have an energy or carbon-related third party certification or label?

Dopper has offset the carbon emissions from the production process with the Climate Neutral Group.

Materials and Waste

12. Does the product or service help to reduce, reuse or recycle waste?

Using a refillable water bottle helps to reduce the need to buy single-use bottled water, thus reducing the wastage of plastic material and resources used in making and distributing the disposable plastic bottles.

14. Is the product biodegradable or acceptable for recycling after use?

The product is made from polypropylene and ABS plastics which are acceptable for recycling.

Chemicals and Health

23. Does the product or service use natural ingredients or use no harmful chemicals?

The Dopper bottle does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA).

Social and Ethical

27. Does the company have a corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy?

Dopper is committed to social responsibility and supports water projects set up by Simavi and its local partners, through the Dopper Foundation. 10% of Dopper sales goes to the foundation. The Dopper Foundation invests half of its proceeds in water projects in Nepal.

The other half of the proceeds goes to the Dopper Water & Waste Academy, as well as public events to expand the awareness of Dopper’s mission. The Academy’s primary purpose to inform and educate the next generation of Americans on the impact of plastic waste.

“I guess most people are attracted by the design of the Dopper water bottle, besides the fact that it is BPA-free. The 2-part lid is innovative and allows the lid to be used as a cup, which can be very useful when you don’t wish to use disposable cups at events.

Also like Dopper’s mission of supporting water projects in developing countries.”

Eugene Tay

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