Greenstore is Singapore’s first review and rating guide for green consumers. We curate, review and rate green, eco, sustainable, organic, and ethical products and services that benefit you, the environment and the community.

We see a growing trend for consumers in Singapore to live green, and choose green and ethical products and services. However, we hear frequent complaints about the lack of green choices and the difficulty in finding sustainable products and services. So we started Greenstore to make it easy for you to find and choose brands, products and services that are better for both people and planet.

Greenstore is published by Green Future Solutions, a sustainability consulting company that helps businesses and organisations address environmental challenges and identify green opportunities.

Sustainable Consumption

Instead of asking you to buy and consume nothing, we advocate a shift towards these 3 sustainable consumption behaviour:

1. Buy Less

Buy only what you need and always think twice before buying. It’s not about sacrifice but about focusing more on the meaning (relationship, health and happiness) and less on the means (money and stuff).

2. Buy Green

Buy green products that benefit you, your family, people and the environment. It’s about choosing more eco-friendly, sustainable and organic products with less impacts and made by sustainable businesses.

3. Buy Ethical

Buy ethical products and support social enterprises that help disadvantaged people live better lives. It’s about supporting businesses that take care of their employees’ economical, social, health and environmental conditions.

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Green Website

Click here to learn why we are green!We wanted to make our website greener by reducing the carbon footprint of web hosting but we could not find a green hosting company in Singapore. So we decided to host our website with DreamHost, a carbon neutral hosting company in the United States. They reduce their resource usage at the office and data center, and offset their carbon emissions with renewable energy and emission reduction credits.


Featured Products and Services

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