Our team of Greenstore Reviewers curate and review green, eco, sustainable, organic, and ethical products and services in Singapore.

Eugene Tay, Founder, Greenstore

Eugene Tay is the Founder of Greenstore and the Director of Green Future Solutions. He is a consultant and maven who likes to share his environmental knowledge with businesses and people so that they can learn, understand and take action towards our green future.

Green Future Solutions is a Singapore-based business that promotes environmental awareness and action for our green future, through sustainability consulting and a network of green websites.

Eugene has a Master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Nanyang Technological University and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering with a Minor in Technopreneurship from the National University of Singapore.

Olivia Choong, Founder, Green Drinks Singapore

Olivia Choong is an opinionated environmentalist aspiring towards minimalist living.

She co-founded Green Drinks Singapore, the local chapter of a global non-profit movement that connects businesses, government, academia, NGOs and like-minded individuals for knowledge sharing and collaboration opportunities.

In her professional capacity, she runs Sustainable PR, an environmental public relations consultancy catering to the SME sector. When she finds the time, Olivia travels, reads, writes, plays with her bantam chickens and connects to her spiritual side.

Nor Lastrina Hamid, SIM Global Education student

Lastrina is currently completing her undergraduate studies in Business (Management), with Human Resource minors and Marketing electives awarded by RMIT University.

She was previously involved with the bi-monthly organization of Pop and Talent Hub (PaTH), an initiative of Social Innovation Park Ltd (SIP), Singapore’s first social enterprise talent development platform. She was also a Community Outreach Officer for ECO Singapore, a leading non-government environmental organization advocating sustainable lifestyle for youth.

Her current portfolio includes volunteering with, an online fundraising portal which integrates fun and meaningful events into its fundraising activities, as well as being the Singapore Coordinator for, a global movement to solve the climate crisis.

Lastrina also enjoys taking photographs and attending theater performances.

Sofiah Jamil, Associate Research Fellow, Centre for Non-Traditional Security Studies

Sofiah Jamil is an Associate Research Fellow at the Centre for Non-Traditional Security (NTS) Studies at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University. Her research work focuses on environmental security, climate change and natural disasters.

Sofiah is also a Board member of the Young Association of Muslim Professionals and is devoted to increasing the level of environmental awareness and action amongst Muslims. She blogs and tweets as TheGreenBush and is the initiator of Project ME: Muslims and the Environment.

Sofiah hopes to pursue her PhD in March 2012 at the Australian National University focusing on the topic of Muslim environmental initiatives in Indonesia. In her free time, Sofiah loves walking, dancing and a good cuppa tea.

Joelle Chen, Architect, Full-Time Mum, Part-Time MBA Student

Joelle was working as an architect specialising in high-rise, high-density typology, with a keen interest in green building innovations – her last built project was conferred the BCA Greenmark GoldPlus Award.

She volunteered briefly at ECO Singapore while it was setting up the Eco-house Project, but is now more involved in making her own home an eco-home, formulating her own vinegar glass cleaners.

She has two lovely ‘free-range’ children, who enjoy walking barefooted on grass and digging up dirt. In her spare time, Joelle catches up on her readings before going to classes at SMU.

Cheng Zhi Wei, NUS Student, Member of Energy Carta

Zhi Wei is currently completing his undergraduate studies in Material Science and Engineering and Economics at the National University of Singapore and hopes to someday use the stuff he is learning to help achieve a greener future.

He is a member of Energy Carta, a non-profit organization started by NUS students focusing on the sustainable energy industry, where he is the co-lead in the development team for Changing the Game: Southeast Asia, a card game that simulates the challenges of energy policy.

In his free time, he likes cycling around Singapore, playing volleyball, and just enjoying the outdoors.

Agy, Blogger of Green Issues

Agy is a busy mum to a little boy and blogs at Green Issues and tweets at @greenissuessg.

She previously worked as an environmental consultant in noise and Environmental Management System consultancy, and has volunteered at Friends of the Earth Hong Kong and WWF Hong Kong, and briefly at ECO Singapore.

When Agy’s not blogging she’s busy looking for inspiration to refashion her clothes and upcycle anything in her home.

Isabela Clarissa, NTU Student

Isabela Clarissa is an undergraduate student of Psychology at the Nanyang Technological University. She was in the committee of the NTU Animal Lovers’ Society and helped in organizing trips to pet shelters as well as raising awareness.

She has a keen interest in green consumerism in Singapore and created a project blog about green cleaning. Currently, she is doing more research on this topic and hopes to address the barriers that people face for not using green products.

In her free time, Isabela likes to study new languages and finding out about new green skin and cleaning products while listening to soundtrack music.

Pui Cuifen, Environmental Scientist

Pui CuifenCuifen’s passion for sustainability was ignited in 2008 when she participated in a 2-week Youth Encounter on Sustainability program in Australia. She aspires to live a sustainable lifestyle that leaves minimal impact on the environment, and recently started a blog, Conscious steps, to document her learning journey.

In her day job as an environmental scientist, Cuifen finds meaning in creating story maps that communicate clear messages about the environment, and how we impact it.

Cuifen has a masters degree in applied environmental science from the University of Sydney. In her spare time, Cuifen loves volunteering, exploring, life coaching, and photography.

Heather Chi, Urban Planner, Concerned Citizen

Heather graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Geography and Minor in Southeast Asian Studies.

During her time in university, she led ‘Food for All’, a small research collective that focused on a range of food issues, including (but not limited to) hunger in Singapore, sustainable agriculture, ethical and organic food and food waste.

She is currently working as an urban planner in Singapore, and continues to contribute to the environmental movement in her personal capacity.

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