Wheat Composite Tumbler by L’earth

Brand: L’earth

Attributes: Waste Reduction, Recycled

Description: The Wheat Composite Tumbler by L’earth is made of plant by-product fibers from wheat and rice, together with mixed content of recycled plastics, and biopolymer made from lactic acid.

L’earth (short form of the phrase Love Earth) is a consumer brand of Winrigo (S) Pte Ltd, making eco-friendly plastic products more accessible to consumers.

You can buy from L’earth’s online store or contact their key partner Winrigo.

The product is awarded a Green Rating of 5 stars based on 11 points in the following 5 criteria (updated on 2 Apr 2012):

Business Sustainability

1. Does the company, product or service have a third party certified green business or green product label?

L’earth’s products are made by Winrigo, which has obtained the Sustainable Manufacturing Certification for 2010 to 2012.

2. Does the company have a sustainability policy or publish a sustainability report?

Winrigo is committed to sustainability and has implemented practices to meet some of the criteria for the Sustainable Manufacturing Label.

4. Has the company taken steps to implement green practices in the office or reduce the environmental impacts from its offices?

Winrigo has implemented practices to meet some of the criteria for the Sustainable Manufacturing Label.

5. Has the company, product or service won any environmental or sustainability awards?

Winrigo has won the 3R Packaging Awards – Merit Award in 2011, and the SEC-Senoko Energy Green Innovation Award in 2010.

Energy and Climate Change

6. Is the product or service energy efficient or helps to conserve energy or reduce carbon emissions?

The product uses recycled plastics instead of virgin plastic material, thus reducing plastic waste and further lowering carbon emissions. SIMTech assisted Winrigo to conduct a comparative carbon footprint assessment to verify the eco-friendliness of the material, R3Plas™. R3Plas™ is able to reduce carbon emission by 30% compared to virgin plastics without increasing in cost.

9. Does the company measure its energy consumption, carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas emissions?

Winrigo has developed a Life Cycle Assessment toolkit with SIMTech, which looks at energy consumption and carbon footprint of its processes and products.

Materials and Waste

12. Does the product or service help to reduce, reuse or recycle waste?

L’earth’s tumblers are made using plant by-product fibers from wheat and rice. Rather than disposing them as waste, they are put to better use by combining them with recycled plastic.

13. Is the product made from reclaimed or recycled material?

The product is made with recycled plastics and organic plant by-product fibers from wheat and rice.

19. Has the company taken steps to reduce the material and packaging used for the product, or to reduce the waste generated in the production of the product or service?

Winrigo is a signatory to the Singapore Packaging Agreement. This means that the one of the company’s aims has to be reducing packaging waste arising from consumer products.

Chemicals and Health

25. Has the company taken steps to reduce the chemicals used in the product or service?

The company has has conducted 3rd-party tests to ensure that its products are free of most heavy metals and VOCs.

Social and Ethical

30. Are the company employees involved in community activities or volunteering their time to help the community or the environment?

L’earth is always seeking collaboration and environmental projects, and has partnered with Winrigo as sponsors for youth-initiated projects, World Leadership Conference 2011, Earth Day 2011 and Indian Community 2012.

“I like the fact that this tumbler is small, about the height of my palm and thus convenient to put in my bag. There was a slight wheat smell when I first used it, but the smell reduced over the next few days.

Each time I drank, my nose touched the flap (maybe due to the specifications) and I found it a bit annoying.”

Nor Lastrina Hamid

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